Gumdrops & Lollipops Gingers

Today I wanted to share this adorable file from Cuddly Cute Designs. This is the Gumdrops & Lollipops Gingers File and can be found over at http://www.cuddlycutedesigns,com under the Christmas Section. This is such a cute file. I used Vellum to make the jar to give it the illusion of being see through. I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


Don’t forget to check out the facebook page and while you are there post one of your completed projects from Cuddly Cute Designs and you could be picked as the fan of the week. The prize is a free file of your choice. What do you have to loose? So go check it out.


Happy Little Leprechaun


I am trying something new. I signed up for a Scrapbook Crop over Valentines Day weekend and I am “trying” to prepare ahead of time. I am a last minute packer when it comes down to getting ready to go Scrapbooking. I find myself getting distracted when I am packing because I want to scrapbook. So I start pulling things together and that turns into me thinking I have to put this together now and then I end up scrapbooking when I am suppost to packing stuff to go. So I figure why not try this out. I am getting my embellishments made ahead of time. I started putting files together and then pulling the paper and pictures so that I am still getting in some scrapbooking but not completing the page so I still have stuff to work on while I am at the crop. This file is the Leprechaun file and you can find it over at under the What’s New section. He is adorable and super fast to get together. He is going to look so cute on my page. I hope you enjoyed and stop back soon because I have lots more to share with you.

Bride and Groom

Today’s project that I am sharing with you is from Cuddly Cute Designs. The file is Bride and Groom and you can find it here at under New Items. I am learning so much about paper piecing. Eyes are something that I have been struggling with but I did get some new black pens and I am using the .005 size and my eye lashes are looking so much better. With this file you will not only get the Bride and Groom but you get a Wedding Cake, Wedding Bells and the Mr. and Mrs. Title to go along with it. The cake is amazing. It is the little things that make these files so cute and one of these things is that the Bride and Groom can hold hands. Thanks for taking the time to check out my post today. I can not wait to share more with you as I get them completed.


Super Excited

Today I have some really exciting news to share with you. I found out last night that I was picked to be on the Design Team for a fairly new Paper Piecing Company called Cuddly Cute Designs. I have to be honest here and that is when I applied I thought there was no way that I was going to get picked for this. I am fairly new to Paper Piecing with SVG Files. I have only made a handful of these projects but let me tell you how much I love them. They are so much fun to put together. You have gotta check them out. I can not wait to start sharing with you some of the projects that I have made and the files from Cuddly Cute Designs.

CuddlyCute Design Team Badge

Panthers Football

As a mom of 2 boys I get to sit at a lot of sporting events. Both of our boys play football and Basketball and our youngest son Austin plays Baseball. As you can imagine I take a ton of pictures at each of their games because you never know when you might get “the perfect shot”. So I always end up with tons of pictures and it never fails I want to use them all. For this layout I was able to get 7 nice sized pictures of my favorite Junior Panther #81.


I am pretty new to SVG files and cutting them out but let me tell you that I love them. I have said this before and I will say it again. I love the process of cutting and pasting the pieces together. I stumbled upon a new company that has not been around for very long and it is Man can I tell you that they have some really cute stuff. The file that I used for this page is from Cuddly Cute and it is the football file. It comes with the football player, Cheerleader, helmet, megaphone, and field goal. Have I told you how cute this file is.

One thing that I have found with SVG files is that the eyes can sometimes be somewhat difficult. For this company they make it really easy for you. They have the black parts, and the white parts for you. All you have to do is add some little white dots to the black parts of the eyes and they are perfect. I am in love with them.


The great thing about SVG files is that you can cut the paper to match your photos. I was able to cut the helmet, and the uniform to match what my son was wearing in his pictures. I added some stickles some of the elements on the Cheerleader to make her “sparkle”.

I truly hope you enjoyed this layout as much as I did making it and don’t forget to go check out

Finding Embellishments to match your paper

Hello everyone, Jenni here with my last project for my Design Team term. I have had such a blast working with these templates and sharing my work with everyone. However all good things must come to an end. For my final project I created a two page layout using several of the Kiwi Lane Designer Templates. The featured templates this month were Mini Abbie Road and Christmas. Those templates can be found here at I hope you enjoy.


Make your own Embellishments

The magic of Kiwi Lane designer templates is that no matter how many you have you can still come up with a fantastic layout/project. Do you hate it when you go to the scrapbook store for new supplies and you find beautiful paper and there are no embellishments to match that paper? I know I do.  Well Kiwi Lane templates make it so easy for you to make your own embellishments that will match your paper. I love that the embellishments can be made out of the same paper that you are using to create your page so that it can all match. Sometimes you have to get creative and use other templates or objects to give some more dimension to the pieces. An example of that is the stockings.


I loved the stocking so I cut out 2 of each pattern paper. I used the ornament template and traced around a small part of heal and toe part of the stocking to add another piece of pattern paper to the stockings so that they were a little more dressed up and not as flat. Once I glued down the heal and toe sections I then cut a straight line across the top of the stocking part and added that the the stocking. I then did some pen stitching around the stockings to make them look as though they had been sewn. I added the names of our family members with some sticker letters and there I had matching embellishments for my page. I also used this technique with the ornaments. I cut out the ornaments and then used a scrap of grey paper to make the little hangers on the ornaments a different color.


I love the whole process of scrapbooking, as I am sure you all do as well. The cutting and pasting pieces together of the different pieces of paper and pictures is such an amazing process. I could spend hours doing it every day if I had the time. Thank you so much for allowing me to share some of my ideas with you for the last 6 months and I can not wait to see what comes next month. I hope you all enjoy your holiday season.

Templates Used:

Tiny Traditions 4T

Holiday 6T, 8T

Christmas 1

Bracket 3T

Winter 3

Mini Abbie Road 3A, 3B

Abbie Road 3A, 3B

Aspen Court 3A, 3B

Pattern Paper Used:

Lily Bee Designs- Jingle Collection

12 Photo Christmas Morning Layout

It’s time to get Creative

Hi there, Jenni Key here with my project for November. It has been such a crazy month as I am sure all of you know and are dealing with all of the crazy Holiday madness as well as I am. I am going to be honest here. I almost never scrapbook my Christmas morning photos. Why you may be asking. Well let me just tell you. I take a ton of photos every year and I feel bad not using all of them on my pages. How do you put them all on there? That is my biggest problem. Well I found a way… TAGS.

Using a lot of photos

When you have a lot of pictures to get on a page sometimes we have to get creative. I tend to leave the photos in the box when there are several photos of one event because it is so hard trying to figure out how to get them all on the page. Well with the help of the Kiwi Lane Designer Templates I was able to cut my photos down to a smaller size and then add some of the smaller photos to the tags and tuck them behind the photos on the left page so that they not only serve as an embellishment but also as someplace for additional photos.


By doing this I was able to get 12 photos on my two page layout. You could actually have done several tags behind each of the photos in different sizes and layered them if you had more photos. When I attached the 3 vertical photos on the left page I only glued down 3 of the sides. The two sides and the bottom. Allowing the tags to slide right down behind the photos. I dressed up the tags with an eyelet and a small piece of red ribbon.



When it came to embellishments for this page I wanted to keep it pretty traditional. So I used the holly leaves as well as the tree. You can always add some bling to add some sparkle to your page. I mean who does not love a little sparkle at Christmas. One more little touch that I added to the page was the diagonal striped strips at the edge of the page. I wanted the layout to look like a Christmas present so  I used the 1/2″ strips and cut 6 of them so that they would go over the outside edge of the layout. Once each piece was inked I glued them down and mitered the corners to give it a nice clean look.


I really hope you enjoyed my layout. I had a blast creating it. I had to think outside of the box but I love seeing it all come together as a finished product. Push your self to be creative and see how many photos you can get on a page.

Templates Used:

Holiday 8T, 1T

Aspen Court 3A, 3B

Clara Lane 1A, 3B

Madison Ave 2A

12″ Strips 1/2″

Tags 5

Paper Used:

Graphic 45 Twas the Night before Christmas Collection